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6033Re: Decentralised Meta-Data Search Strategies

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  • samrhjoseph
    Aug 4, 2002
      --- In decentralization@y..., Lucas Gonze <lgonze@p...> wrote:
      > I think the XML category is misplaced. It's more in opposition to
      MIME or
      > custom binary encodings than TFIDF or RDF.

      That may well be true, but I didn't put XML in there in opposition to
      RDF or TFIDF. All three are strategies, but they are by mo means
      exclusive. In fact taking those three they can be used in every
      pairwise combination. They are not being presented as alternatives
      just some of the various strategies and techniques that can be
      combined in order to support decentralized meta-data operations

      > Might be enlightening to have HTML+HTTP+web spiders (i.e. the
      browser web)
      > in there as a control case.

      That's a good idea - will try and include something about that -
      although it is clearly a centralised setup. Still good to mention as
      a point of contrast.

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