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5994Re: [decentralization] random walk searches

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  • Lucas Gonze
    Jul 8, 2002
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      Johannes Ernst wrote (about A*):
      > It's basically a search algorithm that selects the next node based on
      > an estimate of the distance between the current node and where the
      > result may be.
      >I would think that one should be able to distribute data over a
      > p2p network in a way that a corresponding "appropriate" estimation
      > function could be constructed?!?

      neat. so you'd structure the topology to enable estimation functions.
      it's a cross between unstructured networks like gnutella and distributed
      hash tables.

      you could explain the 'search in power law networks' algo as:
      1) because they have more cached indices, big nodes are most likely to
      contain the listing you want.
      2) the degree-seeking search path assumes that shortest path is via the
      biggest nodes.

      - Lucas
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