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  • Damien Stolarz
    Jul 2, 2002
      > From: Wes Felter <wesley@...>
      > Good, somebody reinvented YOID and put a UI on it.

      We've learned that there need to be many different implementations of all
      these technologies. The more the merrier, and the chance one will survive,
      software darwinism, etc.

      > We need net "radio" that pulls its content, as-needed, from a P2P sharing
      > space.
      This is also an idea that Brewster Kahle (http://www.archive.org/) is
      immensely interested in. SMIL actually has all the syntax for such a thing;
      (doing client-side on-the-fly mixing of server-side-stored movies); however,
      real and quicktime have only implemented rudimentary support for SMIL enough
      to insert interstitial ads.

      Brewster has a ton of bandwidth and storage and would welcome any volunteers
      who want to put together such client software. The same system would work
      for centralized and p2p media sources- it's mostly client side fetch and
      scheduling, reassembly. A fairly solved problem.

      > But also getting rid of the
      > broadcast metaphor is a really good thing.

      Conference calls are broadcast.
      Real-time events are broadcast.
      Weblogs are broadcast.

      I really like the broadcast metaphor, even tangible broadcast.
      Don't get rid of it.
      Shared temporal interaction doesn't have to be bad.

      Damien Stolarz
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