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5982Re: [decentralization] Streamer

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  • brandon@blanu.net
    Jul 2, 2002
      > For music I think that Gordon's take is more clueful:
      > We need net "radio" that pulls its content, as-needed, from a P2P sharing
      > space.

      This is something that Gordon and I discussed in the historic
      Bitzi-Tristero lunch, and is in fact my current Tristero application
      project. Tristero will let you download the files in the playlist from
      whatever hash-based file retrieval services are available and then look
      up metadata via any available hash-based metadata retrieval services
      (i.e. Bitzi and MusicBrainz).

      I think it's unfortunate that AudioGalaxy shut down as they were poised
      to launch this exact application with a widely deployed userbase and a
      whole lot of content.
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