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5981Re: [decentralization] Streamer

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  • brandon@blanu.net
    Jul 2, 2002
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      > Any thoughts on this one?
      > http://www.chaotica.u-net.com/page/streamer.htm

      The general idea here is cool. There's a stream splitter implementation
      in the Tristero CVS at the moment, just missing the tree creation logic.

      I found this particular project to be too immature to be useful (also
      OpenDj, mentioned that day on slashdot as an alternative). I also don't
      think that this approach is the best way to go except for streams which
      need to be both live and multicast, which is a narrow market. Even with
      semi-live streams you can just lag the stream by 5 minutes, break it
      into series of 1-minute files, and then swarm-download them in
      sucession, stitching them back into a stream on the client side.
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