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5228Re: [decentralization] Re: xml protocols and transport bindings

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  • Bram Cohen
    Feb 3, 2002
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      Paul Prescod wrote:

      > what using SOAP means will vary radically from project to project.
      > Some people will mean that they figure out a way to shoe-horn their
      > data into a SOAP envelope. Big deal.

      I'm afraid that that's the norm. I don't see what it buys you - two
      unrelated protocols based on XML are no more compatible than two unrelated
      protocols based on binary.

      > I claim that this is a terminological mess that is going to cause big
      > problems...

      The purpose of buzzwords is *not* communication.

      As I see it, there are several things involved here -

      encoding - XML is, face it, a crappy encoding scheme. Just *what* are you
      supposed to do with tags you don't recognize? Strip them out? Ignore
      everything in the middle? It doesn't even parse all that fast, produces
      bloated encodings, and doesn't even do good binary encoding. And for
      what? A little human-editability? In a format spoken between computer
      programs? Who cares?

      type checking conventions - supposedly DTDs sort of, kind of can do this,
      but it seems everyone just writes regular expressions.

      transport format - could someone explain to me what's wrong with length

      RPC - this is, face it, 20 year old technology. Why everyone in the
      universe reinvents RPC and thinks it's the greatest thing ever is beyond
      me. This whole approach's applicability to net applications is seriously
      in doubt, with the many disasters which have come from multithreaded apps
      with blocking network calls.

      For my own application, I've created my own altogether more reasonable
      version of all of these things, and even working as a single developer
      it's *saved* time. SOAP and the like may be acceptable technologies, but
      they certainly aren't good.

      -Bram Cohen

      "Markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent"
      -- John Maynard Keynes
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