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5227Re: [decentralization] Re: xml protocols and transport bindings

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  • Paul Prescod
    Feb 3, 2002
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      Bram Cohen wrote:
      > Ah, there's the source of the problem. Actually trying to implement
      > something has distracted you from the perfect theoretical claims touted in
      > press releases.

      You're right in general, though it does sound like Allen has been doing
      Real Work with SOAP, so I'd like to hear at what level.

      There is no doubt that you can get SOAP to work sometimes. I've built
      SOAP systems. But I've always had to tweak either the client or the
      server...thankfully they were always open source.

      But what using SOAP means will vary radically from project to project.
      Some people will mean that they figure out a way to shoe-horn their data
      into a SOAP envelope. Big deal. Others might take advantage of the
      header structures. Others may use the encoding. Others may use the RPC
      conventions. Some SOAP clients do not even allow you to choose to only
      use the envelope.

      I claim that this is a terminological mess that is going to cause big
      problems...I will buy software that claims to "support SOAP" and find
      that it is totally incompatible with other software that claims to
      support SOAP because they will have chosen different menus of features
      from the SOAP spec.

      Paul Prescod
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