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4739Re: [decentralization] Re: uServ project

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  • rahul@reno.cis.upenn.edu
    Dec 3, 2001
      On a related note,
      maintains a persistent URL framework, used much by the RDF community for
      XML namespaces.
      What about DNS names?
      Services like dyndns already provide such domain services very cheap
      or free. The challenge would be to create organizations like purl that
      would provide such survices tursworthily and permanently, that is so
      that such servers could establish trust relationships
      (b.almaden.ibm.com = work.b.nareau.net), and be trusted not to
      arbitrarily blink like @home, or if they do, devolve to other servers in
      the network.

      Secondly, every personal hub could have its own DNS to completely
      eliminate central naming if desired. So each could have its own local
      namespace for resources through the DNS system.
      > >
      > > per Rahul:
      > > > So if I understood right, using SRV could be done even for the email,
      > > > and SRV's could be maintained with a smaller TTL?
      > >
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