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4738Re: [decentralization] Re: uServ project

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  • rahul@reno.cis.upenn.edu
    Dec 3, 2001
      > per Rahul:
      > > So if I understood right, using SRV could be done even for the email,
      > > and SRV's could be maintained with a smaller TTL?
      > yeah, I think the TTL is quite small -- two minutes.
      More generally, the TTL could be linked to presence time, or in more
      kerberos like language, ticket duration, right? Why would this be
      useful? Well consider a personal server on my desktop at work, and a
      corresponding relayer/backupper/content-cacher at the office firewall.
      Essentially I want that firewall machine to maintain a DNS SRV for me
      which punts to my desktop machine when I am on, for certain services
      only. So, I may want jabber to go through to the desktop, but web
      requests to go to the firewall machine only, if they are from the
      general public, but if they are from a 'shared space' of members of this
      group, I'd want to serve from desktop, as long as I am there.
      Ofcourse, the policy could reflect organization firewall policy as

      Thus, one would want a DNS TTL related to ticket time in some fashion to
      eliminate multiple lookups, and further, overload the local meaning of
      the service field to enable only some say web requests to go in while
      others go elsewhere..or do that endpoint resolution in the name itself..
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