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  • Bill Kearney
    Dec 3, 2001
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      > Pointing to appropriate spheres of usage.. The MX and SRV records
      > could be appropriately pointed for email, web, gnutella,
      > jabber-based on presence, using dynamic dns capabilities in bind 9.
      > So mail would be forwarded(semi permanent), and web like
      > stuff could be changed on demand..

      Well, changed at the rate of current DNS propogation settings. If
      you moved your 'target server' to a different IP address
      the 'external' users wouldn't know about it until their DNS cache
      expired and that's supposed to be based on your domain's TTL value.

      Also, mail MX records are 'supposed' to not use CNAME records.

      My point is that this IS being done currently with SRV records and
      more folks might want to start looking at doing it with their own

      Microsoft's Exchange Instant Messaging does this using RVP SRV
      records. Some links:

      DNS SRV Record

      Instant Messaging uses a DNS service location resource (SRV) record
      to identify the host names for other services. For example, suppose
      Bob in the microsoft.com domain wants to use Instant Messaging to
      communicate with a colleague whose e-mail address is salman@....
      Bob adds the SMTP address salman@... to his Instant Messaging
      contact list. Bob's client performs an SRV lookup at the msft.com DNS
      zone for the RVP service, and learns that the host for Instant
      Messaging Service in this zone is im.msft.com. Bob's client then
      constructs the Instant Messaging URL
      http://im.msft.com/instmsg/aliases/salman. In this way, Instant
      Messaging uses the SRV record to construct an Instant Messaging
      address from an e-mail address.

      One of the only things stopping the wider use of this concept is the
      lack of support in the clients. If you write a client, give pause to
      using SRV records. It's not perfect, by any means, but it's worth

      -Bill Kearney
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