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4730RE: [decentralization] uServ project

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  • Lucas Gonze
    Dec 1, 2001
      uServ has some really cool things.

      Addressing piggybacked on email:
      A generic problem is how to get IP addresses for peers. There are a billion
      approaches. One of these approaches is consistent hashing. In consistent
      hashing you have a hash function that converts a known datum, like the name of a
      file, to an IP address. All consistent hashing schemes I know of use a mesh.
      uServ has a rule for hashing email addresses to IP addresses instead. Pretty

      Buddy services:
      Nodes can team up to proxy for one another.
      Nodes can mirror one another's content.

      An interesting thing about buddy services is that they can work either between
      friends or between owners of two machines with different capabilities, like a
      laptop and a desktop machine.

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      > Subject: [decentralization] uServ project
      > uServ is a project at IBM which exploits P2P techniques to provide a
      > reasonable alternative to paid web hosting services for a wide class of
      > users.
      > While you can't (yet) use it unless you have IBM intranet access, we've
      > made a research report available describing our internal deployment and
      > the technical details of the system.
      > http://www.almaden.ibm.com/cs/people/bayardo/userv/
      > Hope you find it interesting.
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