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4561Re: [decentralization] Photos from the conference

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  • burton@openprivacy.org
    Nov 11, 2001
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      Todd Boyle <tboyle@...> writes:

      > At 06:28 PM 11/11/01, Wesley Felter wrote: >Here are my photos from the O'Reilly
      > conference: > >http://wmf.editthispage.com/stories/storyReader$6187
      > Cool! What's with all those crew cuts/shaved heads?! I think I see four of
      > them.. Clay of course, and Lucas, Sam Joseph, and Justin. <grin> Bout time I
      > get a crew cut but I think I'll wait until after my next Oslo trip. Brrrrr.

      funny. been thinking of shaving my head too. That extra $15 a month could have
      paid for part of conference... :)

      > In 50 words or less --did the P2P conference succeed in getting consensus on
      > any new directions, galvanizing a new "charge" or in uniting some segments of
      > the community, anything like that?

      ah. yes. anything interesting?


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