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4539Re: [decentralization] Groove centralizes

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  • Halim Cho
    Nov 1, 2001
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      --- Todd Boyle <tboyle@...> wrote:
      > Corporations are command and control systems, of a
      > type that
      > have been thoroughly and completely rejected by the
      > populations
      > of every country on earth by now. Governments such
      > as the soviet
      > union were spectacular failures.
      > Why do corporations work completely differently from
      > the way open
      > marketplaces function, within democratic society?
      > When developers understand the answer to this
      > question,
      > they will be more likely to write P2P software
      > instead of
      > ever-more-powerful command and control systems.

      Two words: legal liability

      corporations work under the onus of being liable for
      what "freemen" do with "their" systems, so they cover
      their legal liability by setting up controlled

      Halim Cho
      "Computers are a lot like Old Testament gods; lots of rules and no mercy."

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