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4537[decentralization] Groove centralizes

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  • Tony Kimball
    Nov 1, 2001
      Quoth Scott Hodson on Thursday, 1 November:
      : http://www.computerworld.com/storyba/0,4125,NAV47_STO65038,00.html
      : I don't think corporations like having content strewn out across all
      : of their user's PCs and is used to having things centralized where
      : they can control and monitor them.
      : Does this hurt the viability of decentralized systems in the
      : corporate landscape?

      No, it improves the viability. Users do in fact have content strewn
      about the network -- not only content, but other valuable resources as
      well, such as devices, metadata, bandwidth, etc., Decentralized
      systems can harness that content, and make it usable as an enterprise
      resource, thus creating new managable asset.
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