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  • Michael Herman (Parallelspace)
    Nov 1, 2001
      There is a concept developing that I'm tempted to refer to as "edge-based servers" or "near-edge servers" that is different from traditional P2P clients that perform local storage and computation in a P2P network context.
      This is based on recent discussions about the photo web site example, P2P document management, etc. where decentralized technologies can be used to create an new distributed file system environment that logically appears to run very near the edge of the network but "just behind" my P2P client.  Of course, this logical view doesn't preclude the physical possibility that subsets of the content may actually live on my personal machine.
      That is, I find it useful to think of my machine as both a P2P client and as a differentiated near-edge server.
      Michael Herman
      CTO, Parallelspace Corporation
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      > I don't think corporations like having content strewn out across all of their user's PCs

      Groove's central services don't manage content.  The content is at the edges, where people need it.

      The relay and the "bot server" manage connectivity.
      Of course there's usually plenty of connectivity at the edges (peer, to peer).  Unless you have a firewall between the users.  In which case,
      - the relay service does "device presence" and message-queue store-and-forward connectivity between peer devices;  you might want one in your DMZ to make the most effective connections to the outside world.
      - the enterprise integration server gives you a single (ie. manageable) place to put connectivity between systems;  you probably want some integration (eg. to Palm) at the edge, but other (eg. to SAP) in the center.

      Last piece is the management service, whcih gives you a single place to set policies & monitor resources, licenses, usage etc.

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