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4050RE: [decentralization] Sun alliance targets Microsoft's Passport

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  • Lucas Gonze
    Sep 26, 2001
      This is 100% pure FUD.

      No announced members have a decent sized user identity database. AOL is Sun's
      traditional ally and it isn't a member. Yahoo, ICQ, and Jabber aren't members.
      IBM isn't a member. Verisign and eBay are members but have deals to support
      Passport also.

      There is no technology announced at all -- absurd!

      Would it be possible, every once in a while, to do something aside from zigging
      to the enemy's zag? Would it be possible to encourage the growth of identity
      services as long as competition was open? Would it be even vaguely possible to
      put the good of users before the thrill of competition?
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