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3836Re: [decentralization] Re: De-centralizing single sign on.

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  • steve jenson
    Sep 5, 2001
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      Quoting Bill Kearney (wkearney99@...):

      > > James, that's probably why Microsoft is interested in this. They
      > want
      > > control of the demographic information, and they'll probably offer
      > you deals
      > > on everything you do now independently. In a sense they will become
      > your
      > > co-publisher.Dave
      > That's just more FUD. There's nothing stopping a site that uses
      > hailstorm from collecting their OWN data, independent of anything up
      > on passport.

      Except for the simple fact that people are using Passport so that they
      _don't_ have to fill their information in twice and so they won't. And if
      you try and make them, they'll just stop using your site.


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