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3816RE: [decentralization] De-centralizing single sign on.

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  • Michael Herman (Parallelspace)
    Sep 2 4:41 PM
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      Re: It's not very single-sign-on-y if I have to type my password at
      every site.

      ...and I'll bet most of us the same 1 or 2 passwords for *all* the web
      sites we need to login to.

      It was a huge eye-opener for me recently when I picked up my
      registration materials at a conference only find they were for a
      different Michael Herman and the conference organizer, in the spirit of
      being "helpful", printed our reg site password on the back of the name
      badges. I had the other person's personal password and they had mind
      ...not only for the reg site but for 80% of the other Internet sites I
      use. All of the reg clerks also had these passwords at their disposal.
      Very scary.

      "Weakest link" theory at work at its best. I can't wait for single
      sign-on for most of the sites I visit. I've been happy with the small
      number that use Passport.

      Michael Herman
      CTO, Parallelspace Corporation

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      From: Wesley Felter [mailto:wesley@...]
      Sent: Sunday, September 02, 2001 1:51 PM
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      Subject: Re: [decentralization] De-centralizing single sign on.

      On Sun, 2 Sep 2001, Julian Bond wrote:

      > There are a vast number of web sites that require an ID and password
      > but which have relatively low security requirements. It would make
      > life easier for users of those sites if they didn't have to retype all

      > their preferences and create a new ID and password.
      > What if the registration form or sign on form had three fields
      > 1) ID
      > 2) password
      > 3) get my preferences from this URL

      It's not very single-sign-on-y if I have to type my password at every

      Wesley Felter - wesley@... - http://felter.org/wesley/

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