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3811Re: [decentralization] De-centralizing single sign on.

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  • James Hong
    Sep 2, 2001
      People aren't going to like this answer but...

      Many sites want users to go through a sign-up process so they can collect
      specific demographic/psychographic information alongside. This information
      enables them to sell advertising/sponsorships at a higher rate. Also, the
      sign-up process is also the right spot for them to sell co-registrations.

      Unless the central repository collects and shares this sort of information,
      you'll see pushback (or rather, non-participation) from websites that rely
      on advertising. I'm not sure if programs like passport share this sort of
      information. I imagine that sharing demographic information is not on the To
      Do list of whoever is working on an open, decentralized network, but if you
      want wider adoption you may want to put it in (of course, be up front with
      the user when they are signing on that all their information is shared
      across the network.)

      Of course, all the websites that rely heavily on advertising other than AOL,
      Microsoft, or Yahoo may not exist within another year or so, so this point
      may be moot.


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      Subject: [decentralization] De-centralizing single sign on.

      > There are a vast number of web sites that require an ID and password but
      > which have relatively low security requirements. It would make life
      > easier for users of those sites if they didn't have to retype all their
      > preferences and create a new ID and password.
      > What if the registration form or sign on form had three fields
      > 1) ID
      > 2) password
      > 3) get my preferences from this URL
      > The site could then use XML-RPC, SOAP or such like to connect to that
      > URL, validate the id and password and return a set of preferences/basic
      > info.
      > This is completely open and allows any and every site to act as the
      > master repository for the preference set.
      > What's wrong with this picture?
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