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2734Re: [decentralization] WG, per Sergei Osokin

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  • chris cook
    Jun 3, 2001
      quoting Zane

      >Since there are apparently a some anti-ms people assembled here I'd like to
      >know what y'all propose as a viable alternative for someone such as myself.
      >I will continue to avoid working for any other corporation as long as
      >possible - I'm an independant by nature and nurture and as such I need to
      >find niches I can work in which will support me, my family,and my friends.

      What we need is a software equivalent of the Wellcome Foundation which
      fights the good fight in the biotech sphere.

      You could apply for grants for your development work, and retain some
      benefit from the use of the intellectual property as well.

      Now you wouldn't get a software firm like MS to endow such a venture. But
      surely the Cisco's of this world would see some benefit.

      Chris Cook

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