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2727RE: [decentralization] WG, per Sergei Osokin

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  • Todd Boyle
    Jun 2, 2001
      Zane Thomas said
      > Tony,
      > > Open source developers pay their way with code, in the public
      > > interest.
      > Sounds simply communistic, where do I sign up? I haven't had a
      > new car in years ..

      What nonsense.

      Zane -- your accomplishments are far beyond mine and I sincerely
      respect what you've done.

      I often considered buying mabry products to include in my VB programs.
      Now, this is America and we're all entitled to opinions. I would submit,
      the "accomplishments" of the aftermarket community selling COM objects
      are really a sort of collaboration with the Microsoft monopoly itself.
      I.e., a commercial accomplishment that systematically captured all of
      the desktop automation market to the Windows operating system. Everything
      I need from a computer is available in linux. We would be a lot better
      off if all software was motivated by user needs rather than mega corps.
      systematically capturing and patenting every strategic bottleneck to
      collect rents.

      I wish Microsoft would just go away. The IP protections of software
      are crazy. They are dysfunctional. Society should just change them.
      We are all a victim of these crazy laws.

      > ... I should probably just go back to lurking now. This is a
      > really great mailing list and I don't mean to drag it down into the
      > ideological mud. :-)

      OK I will too.

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