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2721RE: [decentralization] WG, per Sergei Osokin

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  • Lucas Gonze
    Jun 1, 2001
      Like biotech and aerospace, the software industry depends on coordinating
      efforts between non-profit and for-profit entities. The IETF is a place where
      coordinated work happens.

      Much useful and relevant work is done by people with limited incomes, for
      example graduate students, and the IETF as a whole profits quite a lot by having
      these types around. At the same time, there are lavishly funded entities
      involved, and these are also useful to the IETF as a whole. Variable membership
      fees are a way to bring both types in.

      The well funded types are able to make an agreement to subsidize worthy others,
      because they have other forums with money qualifiers. There's no altruism

      Now the W3C, that's another story. It strikes me as much more entangled with
      corporate interests.

      - Lucas
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