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2720Re: WG, per Sergei Osokin

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  • Serguei Osokine
    Jun 1, 2001
      --- In decentralization@y..., coderman <coderman@m...> wrote:
      > It would also be very reasonable to limit scholarship based
      > memberships to working group resources which do not have a
      > significant price associated with them (like free conference
      > attendance, etc).

      Actually when I was talking to P2PWG people there, I argued
      that there's no concievable purpose in limiting the access to
      such resources at all. Since the WG is obviously interested in
      receiving the widest possible range of feedback, things like
      mailing lists and discussions should be available for everyone
      who has something to say, whether he's a member or not.

      The individual reaction to that suggestion was generally
      positive - the whole WG viewpoint might be different, of
      course :-)

      Best wishes -
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