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2718Re: [decentralization] WG, per Sergei Osokin

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  • Zane Thomas
    Jun 1, 2001
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      > This is not what I meant to imply. Its just the fact that many open
      source developers
      > lack any kind of backing to justify $500 for a membership. ($500 is a
      pretty small cost
      > for a company with employess and advertising budgets)

      Having started, with a partner, a small business which now bears the burden
      of trying to make sure that a number of other people can pay their rent I'd
      like to take issue with that statement. $500 is $500 - if a conference
      costs money to run (it does), and if some people get in for free, then
      everyone else is pickup up the tab.

      > I dont have a problem with this, and I can understand (the working group
      has to pay the
      > bills) but it also exlcudes some people who would be a valuable addition
      to the group.

      I don't have any problem with the idea of inviting people on the basis of
      merit, but I don't see that providing open source is a useful discriminating
      feature upon which to base merit.

      > I did not intend to say that open source developers should get compensated
      for their
      > efforts with free everything.

      I know. I should probably just go back to lurking now. This is a really
      great mailing list and I don't mean to drag it down into the ideological
      mud. :-)

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