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2706WG, per Sergei Osokin

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  • Lucas Gonze
    Jun 1, 2001
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      Forwarded message from Sergei Osokin, with permission:

      Hi guys!

      Just returned from 2-day P2P working group meeting
      and finally had time to look at the GLUE. Looks really interesting -
      I never thought that it would be possible to squeese WSDL/SOAP
      into 360K jar. In fact, I've met a .NET guy from Microsoft at the
      P2PWG meeting, and he says that their own new device released
      that summer (the phone/PDA combination - code named Stinger
      or something like that) does not have the web service capacity,
      because it was deemed too heavyweight for such a device.

      On the other hand, Greg Bolcer from Endeavors (also met
      him there) says that it is no big deal to do that on the small
      device - they have a demo for iPaq that has essentially the
      same functionality (though it is not exactly SOAP/WSDL, but
      something similar, so it was his estimate).


      The only thing that is bad in GLUE is that it is proprietary
      *and* Java only. Oh well... No one's perfect, I guess. They gotta
      have some business model, after all... :-)

      One other interesting bit of trivia from that conference -
      I did suspect that M$ and Sun do not talk to each other, but
      when I asked this Microsoft guy about his opinion on JXTA, it
      turned out that they are officially forbidden to even *discuss*
      Sun. Says this is due to the ongoing litigation, and that he knows
      a guy who got into some serious trouble after making some
      negative remarks about Sun *inside* Microsoft. Man... Is it
      a crazy world or what?...

      Another bit of trivia - turns out that Sun has explictilty
      stated his lack of interest in P2P working group. Bob Knighten
      from Intel (who essentially is one of the P2P leaders says that
      he talked to Li Gong, and Li told him that JXTA does not
      really care. Well... confirms my original assumption that the
      world is crazy.

      Finally, P2PWG has lowered the fees from $5,000 to
      $500 - it is called an associate membership or something
      like this now. The idea is to increase the participation. They
      also scheduled the next meeting to be at the same place
      (DC) just one day before O'Reilly's P2P conference. Maybe
      I should join P2PWG after all - my main objections were
      basically financial...

      Best wishes -
      1 Jun 2001.
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