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1855Re: [decentralization] P2P Transparency - making easy connections

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  • Clay Shirky
    Mar 17, 2001
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      > >At 10^-23 seconds after the Big Bang, the universe may have been
      > >completely homogeneous, but it got lumpy fast.
      > Nice image, but we have all learned to be wary of analogies as definitions
      > as opposed to illustrations.

      > Unlike in the material universe, where we have to take the lumps as
      > nature presents them to us, we want to be able to create our own
      > lumps, our own microcosms. If that potential disappears, so does
      > the peerness.

      Yes. I was simply reacting against the idea of elevating this freedom
      to a negative imperative, where systems that add relays, brokers and
      the like are thought to be violating some essential design maxim. Even
      the systems with the most theoretical flexibility in connectivity are
      likely to have "First Among Equals" nodes, even if only as a matter of

      Maybe more to the point, I am disagreeing with the original sentiment
      that Groove's relays are a mistake because of their violation of some
      pure notion of peer-to-peer. I am predicting that designs which
      specifically attempt to *prevent* lumpiness from happening will turn
      out to be bad designs.

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