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1850Re: [decentralization] P2P Transparency - making easy connections

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  • Joe Repka
    Mar 17, 2001
      >At 10^-23 seconds after the Big Bang, the universe may have been
      >completely homogeneous, but it got lumpy fast.

      Nice image, but we have all learned to be wary of analogies as definitions
      as opposed to illustrations. Lumpiness in the peer-to-peer network is a
      natural and desirable development, order out of chaos, but we want the
      essential *potential* for ubiquitous peer connections to remain.

      In reality, of course noone wants to actually be peer-connected to everyone
      else (although that might be the advertiser's heaven); but we absolutely do
      want to preserve the potential for that direct connectivity. Thats what
      makes the phone system work. Unlike in the material universe, where we have
      to take the lumps as nature presents them to us, we want to be able to
      create our own lumps, our own microcosms. If that potential disappears, so
      does the peerness.

      Joe Repka
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