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1829RE: [decentralization] P2P Transparency - making easy connections

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  • Nick Lothian
    Mar 15, 2001
      > > There are SOAP implementations already in all the major languages.
      > > What's your point?
      > Saying "we use SOAP" is approximately as meaningful as saying
      > "we use HTML"
      > while actually putting some ActiveX components into the browser.

      I write SOAP stuff now, in Java for Windows & Linux. I know people who write
      SOAP in Perl & Python. IBM is one of SOAP's biggest backers. Borland
      supports SOAP in Kylix for Linux & Windows.

      Have a look at xml.apache.org/soap sometime - you might find that some of
      the biggest evangelists for SOAP aren't actually MS at all.

      The fact is, though, that MS's development tools for SOAP are probably going
      to be some of the best around. It is in their interest to have seamless
      interop to other platforms, as the kind of apps they want to interoperate
      with are probably the few that can't be moved to MS platforms. Having
      seamless interop means there is less to stop Windows being deployed in a
      non-Windows shop, and the development tools means developers may prefer the
      MS platform.

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