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1825RE: [decentralization] Re: P2P Transparency - making easy connections

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  • Todd Boyle
    Mar 15, 2001
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      George Scriban
      > It ain't gonna work if one company decides that they're going to
      > provide an essential service for a toll. pay-for-play connection
      > brokering is goofy, but don't know where the alternative answer
      > lies; perhaps NAT-2-NAT will (someday) be addressed at the stack level.
      > regards, george scriban http://www.opencola.com 212.727.0475

      Many of these things require money, and people are generally willing.
      Peer to peer researchers should not neglectfully assume that today's
      corporations and systems of capital formation are the only mechanisms
      capable of building infrastructure. Mojo is an example that has good
      potential to round up huge economic resources --in a decentralized way.

      Perhaps what is needed is a legal trust or corporation that operates
      under a charter or constitution, to provide certain essential things
      in an agreed way. The uncoupling of citizenship from the tyranny of
      geographic location, a possible outcome. This is sposed to happen
      anyway, according to lessig, as the code is the rule. But there is
      a chicken-egg problem, as Clay pointed out in the Trumpet Winsock

      I would suggest a foundation to operate a registry of some type.
      Frankly it would be a piece of cake, technically, to have a good
      solid registry or directory. Even a dumb dispenser of GUID:IPaddress
      pairs would be absolutely FANTASTIC if you could only trust the
      people operating it,

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