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1820Re: [decentralization] Re: P2P Transparency - making easy connections

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  • George Scriban
    Mar 15, 2001
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      on 15/03/01 11:55am, lsmith@... (lsmith@...) wrote:

      > --- In decentralization@y..., Clay Shirky <clay@s...> wrote:
      >>> technically, this solves nothing. This makes it not peer_to_peer.
      >> This is "peerier than thou" thinking. The phrase peer-to-peer arose
      >> *after* the applications it was meant to describe -- Napster, SETI,
      >> ICQ, et al -- so P2P is a label, not a definition. If "peer-to-
      > peer"
      >> doesn't strike you as a good word for what Ray is up to, use a
      >> different word.
      > I was so glad when Clay (first?) said that at the O'Reilly
      > Conference. To combat "peerier-than-thou-ness" within myself I repeat
      > my new mantra "P2P is a mindset, not a technology". Groove is a
      > collaboration platform that happens to be p2p. Napster is/was a file-
      > sharing network that happens to be p2p. We make distributed
      > information infrastructure that happens to be p2p. Repeat.

      Peer purity (peerity?) jihads aside, I just think I ain't gonna work if one
      company decides that they're going to provide an essential service for a
      toll. pay-for-play connection brokering is goofy, but don't know where the
      alternative answer lies; perhaps NAT-2-NAT will (someday) be addressed at
      the stack level.


      george scriban
      business development & strategic relationships
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