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1819Many types of decentrallization

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  • Todd Boyle
    Mar 15, 2001
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      There seem to be many types of decentrallization,

      - the data,
      - pointers and indexes to the data,
      - other metadata i.e. useful metadata,
      - the encryption keys,
      - routes taken by data content across networks (P2P variations),
      - routes taken by the pointing, indexing, metadata information,
      - incentive topology ($corp, $hierarchic/MLM, $peer, mojo, volunteer...)
      - capital structure (pooled/central, decentralized, or hierarch. steps)
      - political and social rulemaking topology /hierarchy,
      - actual technical control (actual sovereignty)

      Left brain peopple will want to correlate one dimension with another,
      e.g what if the data stays central but the indexes are distributed?
      Or what if the incentives are only positive for centralization? how can we
      make them positive for decentralization in a way that grows a physical
      network that has actual sovereignty at the nodes etc.

      The number of permutations are fairly numerous considering that
      decentralization has so many additional colors and flavors, and can
      exist in separate universes or contexts like wireless networks, dialup
      BBS universes like FIDONET, as well as the cisco/telco IPV4 internet.

      Too often on this list, messages assume a particular context. We need
      an organizing principle. That principle is, what result you're trying
      to accomplish. Then, the discussion is more productive.

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