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NOVOSTI We torched everything!

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  • sibercor2000
    Serbian original at http://www.novosti.co.yu/code/navigate.php?Id=9&status=jedna&vest=89222&datum=2006-05-17 Vecernje Novosti daily, Belgrade Wednesday, May
    Message 1 of 1 , May 17, 2006
      Serbian original at

      Vecernje Novosti daily, Belgrade
      Wednesday, May 17, 2006

      We torched everything!
      By Zeljko Pantelic, May 16, 2006

      Organized Albanian criminal groups involved in the sale of drugs, people,
      illegal immigration, etc. were behind the March 2004 pogrom against Serbs in
      Kosovo and Metohija. This conclusion follows from taped telephone
      conversations between leaders of Albanian mafia organizations which since
      2003 have been illegally transferring hundreds of illegal emigrants per year
      from Kosovo to Italy, and who were uncovered by Italian police at the
      beginning of this week.

      By wiretapping the conversations of Albanian criminals, investigating
      prosecutors in Bari, led by prosecutor Giuseppe Scelsi discovered that the
      killing of 19 Serbs, the expulsion of several thousand Orthodox Christians
      and the torching of their churches was pre-planned and orchestrated.

      "Hell, torch all the churches," one of the mafia bosses ordered in a
      telephone conversation.

      "We've already torched them all," his collocutor on the other side

      Several conversations were also taped in which the criminals vaingloriously
      called their friends to tell them they had torched the churches and to turn
      on the television so they can see the results of their work.

      The Italian police operation uncovered several Albanian organizations from
      Kosovo which ran illegal emigrant routes with the help of tourist agencies,
      falsified documents and fictitious marriages. At the top of the Albanian
      criminal hierarchy were Jashar Bitiqi (35) residing in Treviso, who piloted
      the work of three tourist agencies which served as fronts for illegal
      emigration. These were the agencies "Jaha Tours" in Treviso, "Saba Tours" in
      Suva Reka and "Poluxha Tours".

      There were three channels for illegally entering Italy. The first was
      Prizren (Suva Reka) - Drac - Bari - Treviso and the "ticket" for
      transportation to the Apennine peninsula cost 3,300 euros. Whoever wanted to
      legalize their stay in Italy could get a fictitious wife or husband with
      regular papers for 8,000 euros, and a valid residence visa as a family
      member. The second channel was a minor variation of the first; the
      disembarkation was in Brindisi, not in Bari, and the price ranged from 3,000
      to 3,500 euros. The fourth route, from Kosovo through Macedonia and Greece
      to Ancona in Italy, was the cheapest at 2,500 euros.

      Investigators also found a fourth channel for illegal emigration leading to
      Italy through Serbia, Hungary and Austria. The procedure was very simple:
      those interested in emigrating from Kosovo would pay the asked for amounts
      and in exchange receive false documents and visas. They would be loaded onto
      supposed tourist buses and enter Italy as false tourists, where would then
      illegally remain.



      "Novosti" encloses a part of the transcript of the recorded telephone
      conversation between two Albanians, Hazer (H) and Muharem (M):

      M: Hello
      H: Hi, Rema, how are things going?
      M: Alright.
      H: You're still asleep?
      M: Yes.
      H: Why don't you ask your brother where he is?
      M: Why, you're in Mitrovica, right?
      H: No, I'm not in Mitrovica... We've torched all the churches in Prizren.
      M: Hell, torch them all!
      H: We've already torched them all, turn on the television so you can see
      them burning!
      M: I just turned it on.
      H: They're showing Prizren right now... All the church have been torched,
      not one is left.

      In a conversation between Hazer and another, unidentified man (U), the
      latter appeared to be quite cautious and did not want to talk about torched
      churches by telephone:

      H: - Where are you?
      U: - At Bujar's.
      H: - We burned them all, the bitches... everything is in flames, all of
      U: - I know, I was there until just recently...
      H: - You were there? And at that church...
      U: - And the church was torched?
      H: - The local church... I was proposing that we make an agreement... KFOR
      pulled back and a little later they told me we had torched it.
      U: - Don't talk like that, you'll destroy us all.
      H: - (laughs) Oh, why are you afraid, my brother.
      U: - Leave it alone, you know they tap the phones. Don't talk [about this]
      over the telephone.
      H: - Come on, don't worry...

      Translated by sib on May 17, 2006
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