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RMK Anniversary of Vejce Massacre

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  • Snezana Lazovic
    http://www.realitymacedonia.org.mk/web/news_page.asp?nid=1819 REALITY MACEDONIA Web posted April 25, 2002 Source: MIA Anniversary of Vejce Massacre Skopje,
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      Web posted
      April 25, 2002


      Anniversary of Vejce Massacre

      Skopje, April 25 (MIA) - Marking the first anniversary since the massacre
      over the members of Macedonian security forces at the Tetovo village of
      Vejce on 28 April 2001, Association of families of the killed and wounded
      soldiers - victims of the Albanian terrorism informed on the ongoing
      procedure of criminal charges brought against persons directly or indirectly
      responsible for the slaughter at Wednesday press - conference.

      Reminding that the Macedonian Public Prosecutor, Stavre Dzhikov refused
      their criminal charges, the families' attorney Ignat Panchevski informed
      that the families of the killed and wounded soldiers, as secondary
      prosecutors, submitted a request to the Elementary Court Skopje 1 for
      conducting the investigation.

      Panchevski pointed out that if the Elementary Court drops the request, the
      families would address to the International Criminal Court that should start
      functioning within next year.

      He also reminded that during January 2002, criminal charges were brought
      against ten persons, including President Trajkovski, the leader of the
      former "NLA," Ali Ahmeti, as well as against leaders of the political
      parties of DPA and PDP, Arben Xhaferi and Imer Imeri. Panchevski announced
      that the criminal charges would be pressed against other 20 persons, most of
      them Macedonians.

      Panchevski claims that "the price for committing this crime act" amounted to
      DM 600,000. "As the money disappeared, we are still investigating the case
      who took the money in return for 'selling' the police patrol," Panchevski
      pointed out, adding that there were "enough facts to continue the

      He also stated that when additional evidence would be found, pointing out to
      other "mass traitors", the list should be extended.

      According to him, the person that was suspected of involvement in the
      massacre was promoted after few months.

      As to the request submitted to the legislative committee for authentic
      interpretation of the Amnesty Law, Panchevski stated that after the first
      refusal of the request, under the explanation that Macedonian Assembly's
      protocol allows only certain physical and legal entities to submit this kind
      of request, the legislative committee responded that "the Law on amnesty
      would be additionally reviewed."

      The attorney of the Association of the killed soldiers' families informed
      that the Constitutional Court is expected to reveal its position regarding
      the initiative for evaluation of validity of the amnesty Law.

      It was stressed at the conference that there were no donations granted so
      far to the families of killed and wounded persons, and there was also no
      information regarding the amount and the origin of the donation, i.e.
      foreign or native.

      Panchevski informed that there were no realized contacts with the Hague
      Tribunal in regard to the Vejce massacre so far. "The Hague Tribunal's
      Office in the country did not show any interest regarding the families of
      the killed soldiers, or myself as their legal representative, to find out
      the facts on the massacre that were at our disposal", Panchevski explained,
      stating that "the Hague Tribunal would never proceed this case."
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