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RMK Ahmeti Should Face Criminal Charges For Vejce Massacre

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  • Snezana Lazovic
    http://www.realitymacedonia.org.mk/web/news_page.asp?nid=650 Web posted October 13, 2001 Source: Dnevnik, #1675 Investigation into Vejce Massacre, where
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      Web posted
      October 13, 2001

      Dnevnik, #1675

      Investigation into Vejce Massacre, where Albanian terrorists ambushed,
      tortured and killed 8 Macedonian defenders still inconclusive, but the
      mastermind that laid the groundwork is widely known

      Ahmeti Should Face Criminal Charges For Vejce Massacre

      The investigation so far has not resulted in any evidence that a police
      insider signaled the patrol's departure and revealed its route, say
      investigation sources

      By Natali N. Sotirovska
      Translated by Aleksandra Ilievska

      Ali Ahmeti should be held accountable for the massacre near Vejce since it
      was him who ordered the atrocity irrespective of whether mujahedins or
      Kosovars or Macedonian citizens of Albanian ethnic origin were its direct
      perpetrators, who may not even be alive, say sources directly involved in
      the investigation into this case.

      On April 28 of this year, eight members of the special police and army
      forces were killed and massacred after Albanian extremists ambushed their
      16-member patrol.

      The investigation so far has not come across any evidence to underpin the
      ever louder information, backed by the parents of the killed soldiers as
      well, that somebody signaled the patrol's departure and gave away
      information on its route.

      - We continue to examine this information, even though we have no evidence
      as yet. During the inspection of the site of the atrocity, carried out the
      day after, a motorola was not found, as was claimed by certain media - say
      Dnevnik sources.

      The investigation revealed that every day the patrol set out at the same
      time and moved along the same route. That, according to the sources, was
      also registered by the Albanian terrorists who then planned the attack.

      - The autopsy demonstrates that only one member of the Macedonian security
      forces was killed in the first attack of the Albanian extremists. The others
      were monstrously tortured and then set on fire. At the site of the crime, th
      ere were found missiles of automatic rifles, rocket launchers, a gun and a
      knife. The forensic inquest also disclosed how many Albanian terrorists took
      part in the attack and the massacre - say investigation sources.

      The investigation is currently being conducted against unknown perpetrators
      of the most severe forms of terrorism.

      In the correspondence addressed to those responsible for the investigation
      into this crime, the families of the killed "Tigers" and "Wolves" demand
      answers to their questions of why security measures were not taken, why
      their sons and husbands were sent in a dangerous mission in light vehicles
      with only two doors and so on.

      - Statements were taken from the families of the killed, as well as from
      some surviving members of the patrol. In the further course of the
      investigation, interrogation has also been suggested for senior officers in
      the ministries of interior affairs and defense - sources say.

      The families of the killed, through their legal representative, lawyer Ignat
      Panchevski, have recently announced that they have initiated prosecuting
      procedures against officials, former and present politicians in the two line
      ministries on grounds of not taking steps to secure the patrol. Among them,
      as was said, there are "political representatives of the perpetrators of the
      crime." Lawyer Panchevski announced that he would reveal the names of the
      eight suspected officials in the interior ministry and the ministry of
      defense once the decision to grant amnesty to terrorists was taken.
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