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YU Army Aug. 10, 2001

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  • Snezana Lazovic
    http://www.vj.yu/english/index.htm The Yugoslav Army s Official Site News - 08. 10. 2001 On Thursday Yugoslav Army Chief of Staff General-Colonel Nebojsa
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      The Yugoslav Army's Official Site

      News - 08. 10. 2001

      On Thursday Yugoslav Army Chief of Staff General-Colonel Nebojsa
      Pavkovic took part in the release of wounded men from the
      Military Medical Institutional Center in Meljine who underwent
      therapy at this health institute. During a conversation with
      General Pavkovic, the former patients expressed their gratitude
      to the Yugoslav Army for its concern and actions to ensure their
      successful recovery.

      On Thursday KFOR Commander General Thorstein Skiaker took part in
      the opening ceremony of the Sarpelj railway tunnel near
      Leposavic. Located on the administrative border between Kosovo
      and Metohija and central Serbia, the tunnel was damaged in April
      1999 during a NATO air force attack. The reconstruction of the
      tunnel, located some 100 meters from the bridge across the river
      where the railroad was also damaged in NATO attacks, was financed
      by KFOR in the amount of 350,000 German marks. The construction
      work was performed during the past three months by French
      engineering units and Macedonian railway workers.

      In the past few months, approximately 57,000 Albanian refugees
      who left Macedonia due to armed clashes have come to Kosovo and
      Metohija. Refugees are arriving by way of the border crossing of
      Blace as well as unofficial, illegal mountain routes. They are
      being received by UNHCR which is then transfers them to points
      where they are received by families which have volunteered to
      assist them.

      The Bujanovac Press Center advised that during the past 24 hours
      there were no attempts to cross the Yugoslav-Macedonian border at
      the Presevo border crossing from either side. The reason there
      were no crossings is because Macedonian border authorities have
      forbidden entry and exit from Macedonia to all members of the
      Albanian ethnic community.

      The armored brigade from Subotica achieved very good results in
      live ammunition shooting at the Pasuljanske Livade proving

      On today's date in 1878, Serbian Prince Milan Obrenovic issued a
      decree establishing the Military Museum in order to collect and
      preserve artifacts of war history. The Military Museu is located
      in the upper part of the Kalemegdan Fortress in Belgrade.
      Contemporary newspapers wrote that the "Military Museum is the
      pride of Belgrade". (For more information on the Military Museum
      see http://www.beograd.org.yu/museums/museums3.html For more on
      the Kalemegdan Fortress see
      kttp://copernico.dm.unipi.it/~milani/belgrado/node7.html )

      The YA General Staff Information Service Analytical Department
      analyzed 12 reports on the Yugoslav Army and its defense
      circulated by local media, of which 8 have positive, 2 negative
      and 2 neutral connotations.
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