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AIM Morning News for Friday, September 01, 2000

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    ============================================================ ===== AIM MORNING NEWS for Friday, September 01, 2000 =====
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      ===== AIM MORNING NEWS for Friday, September 01, 2000 =====


      BELGRADE, September 1, 2000 (Reuters)

      Senior officials of Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic's
      Socialist Party said Serbs living in Kosovo would be able to vote in
      next month's Yugoslav elections, Belgrade media said on Thursday.

      Socialist Party secretary-general Gorica Gajevic headed a
      delegation which on Wednesday visited the Kosovo Serb village of
      Gracanica, promising to keep the province in Yugoslavia.

      Yugoslav parliamentary and presidential elections are due on
      September 24, as are local elections in Serbia. Kosovo remains
      legally part of Yugoslavia, but is now under de facto international

      Earlier this month, the head of the UN mission in Kosovo,
      Bernard Kouchner, said he doubted that Yugoslav elections could take
      place in the province at such short notice.

      Gracanica, home of a 14th century Serb Orthodox monastery, is a
      Serb enclave in Kosovo guarded by soldiers of the NATO-led KFOR
      peacekeeping force.

      Some 180,000 Serbs have fled Kosovo since June 1999 when
      international peacekeepers took control of the province after
      Yugoslav forces withdrew following NATO's 11-week bombing campaign.

      Up to 100,000 Serbs remain in Kosovo, many of them grouped
      together in heavily guarded enclaves like Gracanica south of the
      provincial capital Pristina.


      BELGRADE, September 1, 2000 (BETA)

      NATO will arrest Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic if he
      visits Kosovo, as Yugoslav Deputy Prime Minister Nikola Sainovic has
      announced, a NATO official said on Aug. 31.

      "Kosovo is under the administration of the United Nations, and
      The Hague-based International Criminal Tribunal, which was founded by
      the U.N., has indicted Slobodan Milosevic. If Milosevic wants to
      visit Kosovo he will be arrested by NATO and transferred to The
      Hague," said the NATO official, who wished to remain anonymous.


      MANILA, Philippine September 1, 2000 (AFP)

      A top negotiator on Friday said Muslim extremists have promised
      to release within a week six remaining European hostages held in the
      southern Philippines but added he would not lead talks to free an
      American who has become the gunmen's latest hostage.

      Roberto Aventajado, who is also a special envoy of President
      Joseph Estrada, said this week's abduction of American Jeffrey
      Schilling by the Abu Sayyaf would not sidetrack negotiations for the
      release of the Europeans held for up to four months.


      JAKARTA, Indonesia, September 1, 2000 (BBC)

      Indonesia says it will question 19 people, including three
      Indonesian generals as provisional suspects in its investigation into
      the violence that ravaged East Timor last year.

      The list announced by the attorney-general's office does not
      include former Indonesian armed forces chief General Wiranto nor
      leaders of the pro-Jakarta militias blamed for many of the killings
      that followed the UN-sponsored independence vote.

      More than 600 East Timorese died and more than 200,000 fled into
      West Timor furing the upsurge of violence.

      The territory's infrastructure was devastated in the violence
      unleashed by the militias backed by Indonesia.

      The current list of suspects is headed by former regional
      military commander Major-General Adam Damiri, former East Timor
      military commander Colonel Tono Suratman and ex-East Timor police
      chief General Timbul Salaen.


      BANGLADESH, India, September 1, 2000 (Deutsche Welle)

      In Bangladesh, about 150 Bangladeshi are missing and feared dead
      after being caught at sea in heavy rain storms. Authorities said bad
      weather foiled efforts by grieving relatives to find some of the men
      lost in storms since Tuesday. Three bodies have been found on the
      coast. A tidal surge on Wednesday inundated low-lying coastal areas
      and some 22,000 villagers remain in emergency shelters. A seven-year
      old boy was swept away and drowned and some 10 others injured in mud
      slides. As many as 100,000 were affected.


      BELGRADE, September 1, 2000 (BETA)

      EU ministers will carefully examine the effect of the sanctions
      against the regime in Belgrade at their conference due to take place
      in Evian on Saturday and Sunday. The ministers will try to determine
      whether there is consent among EU governments to partially suspend
      the sanctions, reveals Beta agency from sources in the European
      Commission and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


      TOKYO, Japan, September 1, 2000 (BBC)

      The governor of Tokyo has ordered all remaining residents of the
      island of Miyakojima to evacuate to the mainland after a series of
      earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

      The remaining 1,500 residents have been told to leave the
      Japanese island, around 150km southwest of Tokyo, within three days.

      The order, from Governor Shintaro Ishihara, came two days after
      the 814m (2,686-foot) Mount Oyama erupted for the eighth time since
      early July, forcing the evacuation of the island's children. Some
      experts fear a massive earthquake could be about to hit Tokyo,
      although others have dismissed the fears. More than 30m people live
      in or around Tokyo - one of the most densely populated areas in the

      Volcanic eruptions have covered Miyakojima with ash, leading to
      warnings that heavy rains might set off mudslides across the island.
      About 70,000 earthquakes have hit Miyakojima, and surrounding islands
      in the Izu chain, in recent months.

      More than two thirds of Miyakojima have already voluntarily left
      for the mainland, where the government has been setting up shelters.
      Ships are being sent to island to pick up those remaining.

      On the mainland, the government has stepped up this weekend's
      annual earthquake drills, in which about 5.5m people across Japan are
      taking part - including Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori and his entire


      COLOMBO, Sri Lanka, September 1, 2000 (BBC)

      Fifteen air force personnel have been killed and six injured by
      a landmine blast in northern Sri Lanka.

      A military spokesman said the victims' vehicle hit a mine
      planted by suspected Tamil Tiger rebels on a road between the
      government-held town of Vavuniya and the western Mannar district. One
      of the injured is in a critical condition. The airmen were on a
      tractor-trailer, returning home on leave.

      It was the worst attack in 12 months, since 18 soldiers died in
      a bomb blast last September in the eastern district of Batticaloa.
      Tamil separatist rebels are fighting for an independent homeland in
      the island's northeast.

      A search was launched in the Puvarasankulam area of Vavuniya
      following the latest bombing. Nearly two weeks ago, a suicide bomber
      ambushed a military vehicle in Vavuniya, killing himself and a
      nine-year-old girl and wounding five others. Vavuniya, 260km (160
      miles) north of Colombo, is a de facto frontier town at the entrance
      to the Wanni region, dominated by Tamil Tiger rebels. There is a
      large flow of traffic that daily makes the journey between Vavuniya
      and Mannar without incident.

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