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Kosovo Flash News for 07/01/2000

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  • Stolpnik
    Serbian media monitoring for July 1, 2000 Prepared by Voice of Kosovo and Metohia [Media and publishing center of Raska and Prizren Orthodox Diocese]
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      Serbian media monitoring for July 1, 2000
      Prepared by "Voice of Kosovo and Metohia"
      [Media and publishing center of Raska and Prizren Orthodox Diocese]


      *Explosion in Cernica
      *Hague tribunal - a corrupt institution
      *FRY Minister for Refugee and Humanitarian Affairs Morina receives
      ICRC's Stocker
      *Russkaya Gazeta: NATO responsible for disrespect of Resolution 1244
      *Russian Patriarch voices support to Serbian people

      (B2-92, 1. 7. 2000.)

      Cernica, Friday - A bomb went off in the village of Cernica near
      Gnjilane at around three in the afternoon, near to a small cluster of
      Serb houses surrounded by Albanian houses. KFOR troops arrived but were
      unable to determine who was responsible. No-one was hurt.
      (Serbia Info, 1. 7. 2000.)

      Rome, June 30 (Tanjug) - When The Hague tribunal Chief Prosecutor Carla
      Del Ponte recently addressed the United Nations Security Council, saying
      she had decided against opening an investigation into NATO's crimes in
      FR of Yugoslavia, "she made it blatantly obvious that the tribunal is a
      corrupt institution which should be ignored and boycotted by the
      governments of all democratic and western countries", Canadian lawyer
      Michael Mandel, who has filed charges against 68 NATO leaders for the
      crimes committed in the FR of Yugoslavia, said in an interview to the
      Rome daily "Manifesto". Del Ponte's decision not to open an
      investigation into NATO's evident crimes in the FR of Yugoslavia also
      inflicted severe damage to international affairs, Mandel said.
      "Partiality of the tribunal means that only those countries which bow to
      the USA can be considered to be safe and secure. Dictators of those
      countries and friends, alliances of America were given the right to do
      all possible atrocities and crimes", says Canadian lawyer.
      (Borba, 1. 7. 2000.)

      Yugoslav minister for refugee and humanitarian affairs Bratislava Morina
      on Thursday received Peter G. Stocker, who heads the International
      Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Belgrade office. They discussed the
      position of refugees and internally displaced people in Yugoslavia and
      ways and means of their repatriation, a government statement said.
      Morina stressed the importance of the ICRC's role in creating conditions
      for the repatriation of refugees to Croatia, adding that 300,000
      internally displaced people, too, are entitled to return to their homes.
      She said that the international force KFor and the UN civilian mission
      (UNMIK) in the Serbian (Yugoslav) Kosovo-Metohija province have so far
      been silent observers of the suffering of the Serbs. KFor and UNMIK are
      expected to respect Yugoslavia's sovereignty and territorial integrity
      as clearly defined in UN Resolution 1244, and secure safety for all in
      Kosovo-Metohija, she said. Stocker, for his part, offered assurances
      that the world family of Red Cross societies would show solidarity and
      help all refugees who return to Croatia. Conditions for their return,
      according to Stocker, are now more favourable than before, and there is
      a great interest among Red Cross societies, especially in the Nordic
      countries, in providing more concrete and regular aid. Speaking about
      people displaced from Kosovo-Metohija, Stocker said the ICRC was aware
      that the way to help them is not just to give them relief aid, but to
      open prospects for them of a future and life in dignity by return them
      to their homes.
      (Borba, 1. 7. 2000.)

      Violence against Serbs continues in Kosovo and Metohija and the key
      articles of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 are not
      respected, the Russian daily Russkaya Gazeta said on Friday. Serbs are
      killed in the southern Serbian province simply for being Serbs, the
      daily said. Even UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan himself had to admit
      there was an organized campaign to expel Serbs from the province, the
      article said. Russkaya Gazeta said NATO strategists and politicians were
      responsible for the lack of respect for the relevant Security Council
      resolution. In order to realize their strategic goals, they allowed
      ethnic Albanians to do what they are now doing in Kosovo and Metohija,
      the daily said. No stories about alleged ethnic cleansing or
      democratization, or a struggle against the Belgrade authorities "can
      cover up the main objective to which NATO is aspiring - primarily to
      impose its own will upon a sovereign state, using violence, when it
      assaults a part of its territory in spite of the stand of its
      leadership," Russkaya Gazeta said.
      (Serbia Info, 1. 7. 2000.)

      Moscow, June 29 - Kosovo and Metohija is a place where genocide is being
      carried out not only against the Serbian people, but also against
      culture and civilization in general, the Patriarch of Moscow and All
      Russia Alexei II said in a special TV appearance late Thursday. The
      patriarch voiced support to the Serbian people and their struggle for
      preserving freedom, dignity and independence. In a show broadcast on
      Russian TV channel 1, Patriarch Alexei II commented on documentary films
      on destroyed Orthodox churches and monasteries in Kosovo and Metohija
      and other barbaric actions by ethnic Albanian terrorists. The show host
      said the shots were taken by Russian cameramen in Kosovo and Metohija
      over the last few days.Saying that he is deeply touched by what he saw,
      the Russian Patriarch stressed that the shots proved that Holy Objects
      of Orthodox culture and civilization are being destroyed in Kosovo and
      Metohija. The Patriarch said the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA),
      an ethnic Albanian terrorist organization, was chiefly responsible for
      the evils committed in the province, which he said has become a center
      of terrorism, crime and drug smuggling. It was assessed in the talks
      that Russia should put more effort in informing the widest domestic and
      foreign public on the truth about Kosovo and Metohija. The Patriarch
      pointed out that the claims about alleged genocide against the ethnic
      Albanian population, which were used as the pretext for the aggression
      on the FR of Yugoslavia, were mere lies. The show was broadcasted late
      last night within the main news program, while the show host reminded
      that June 28 is a great day for Serbian people, on which Serbs mark the
      anniversary of the Battle of Kosovo.
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