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  • casaque_9
    >>I m curious what debunkers would say to this...and what any one here has to say...<< They would require it be scientifically reproduceable
    Message 1 of 4419 , Oct 31, 2001
      >>I'm curious what debunkers would say to
      this...and what any one here has to
      say...<<<br><br>They would require it be scientifically reproduceable
      and measureable under controlled,objective
      circumstances.<br><br>>>Anyway, there is a haunted house that I've been
      researching for some time now...the first time I was out
      there when I walked on a certain spot I got a HUGE
      "buzzy" jolt! Just a shot went right through me. Very
      electircal, pleasant, but weird. The people said that's one
      of the spots the ghost likes, when he's present,
      some of the people got "buzzed" they could tell he was
      around. I had it again in certain areas; I knew that this
      announed his presence, that he was around when I felt this
      way.<br>>>The only other time I've ever had anything similar is
      that "they're here' feeling...sometimes, when talking
      about the paranormal, most particularly ghosts or ufos,
      I will get this feeling. It is extremely specific,
      doesn't ever happen in any other situation at all, ever.
      I kept it to myself for years; one day, when
      talking about UFOs, with a psychic, I felt that....but
      didn't say anything for fear of being considered
      "weird." She looked at me, smiled, and said" "they're here
      you know, they're listeing...you feel them too don't
      you?" I almost fell out of my chair. Another time I
      felt this, when we were talking about ghosts...this
      was with someone else...I didn't say anything for the
      same reasons, my friend (whose "ghost" we were
      discussing, her dead grandmother) said "Do you feel that? I
      feel very...electrical." <br>>>So, what is
      that?<br>>>I suspect it's just what it appears to be; my
      sensors going off. This is what mediums and psychics tap
      into, I suppose.<br>>>Well, any ideas? I'd love
      to hear. I have to clean up the kitchen and go to
      sleep.<<<br><br>I've no idea what it is, but I've experienced the
      electrical,buzzing sensation in connection to the close encounter
      phenomena...preceeding a close encounter or close UFO sighting and
      immediately following what seems to have been a full-blown
      'alien' Experience.<br><br>Is it some sort of portal?...a
      change in the local atmosphere to the point of crossing
      over into another reality/dimension? I've no idea, but
      I do know of what you've experienced.
      <br><br>>>Hope your Halloween was safe and
      fun!<<<br><br>Mine was fairly nice(but hubby is in the Reserves
      <sadsigh>)...I did go ,cross-dressed, to a neighborhood adult
      party for a couple of hours-wore a disgarded old suit
      of my husbands with a stetson(which I'd picked up at
      a tag sail)and I even wore my husband's cologne
      -Cool Water....this was after the trick-or-treating
      frenzie(which was quite early this year-between 4 and 7:30
      because it had been cold,rainy and windy out). And my son
      was/is sleeping over at his friend's house.<br><br>Hope
      your's was a good one too R.<S><br><br>~ Brynne
    • fengshuip
      James it is the response of the skeptics to Vaughan, nothing less nothing more. Paulo ... internt forum messages I ve come across. ...
      Message 4419 of 4419 , May 16, 2006
        it is the response of the skeptics to Vaughan, nothing less nothing


        --- In debunkingdebunkers@yahoogroups.com, James Dawson
        <jamesndawson@...> wrote:
        > Paulo:
        > This is one of the most tangled, confusing, out-of-context
        internt forum messages I've come across.
        > I have no idea what you're point is.
        > Perhaps you don't care. But I thought I'd say so anyway.
        > James N. Dawson
        > fengshuip <woodwater1000@...> wrote:
        > --- In debunkingdebunkers@yahoogroups.com, predawnflyer wrote:
        > >
        > > 'Debunking the Debunkers: Lessons to Be
        > > Learned'<br><br>Another article, this one by Valerie Vaughan,
        > published
        > > in The Mountain Astrologer (Aug/Sept 1998). This
        > > Vaughan article seems unrelated to to the David Lewis
        > > article in Atlantis Rising (in the Links section). Below
        > > are two links; #1 is a copy of the original Vaughn
        > > article; #2 is a followup article by
        > > Vaughan.<br><br><a
        > target=new>http://www.onereed.com/articles/debunk.html</a><br><a
        > href=http://www.onereed.com/articles/rebunk.html
        > >
        > Hi
        > You should read their response to her in Ā«rebunking the debunkersĀ»
        > www.astrology-and-science.com
        > paulo
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