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A pretty good take on the UFO phenomena

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  • odd_empire
    A pretty good take on the UFO phenomena re Mac Tonnies s weblog http://posthumanblues.blogspot.com/ “I think the aliens are waging the equivalent of a
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 9, 2005
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      A pretty good take on the UFO phenomena re Mac Tonnies's weblog


      “I think the "aliens" are waging the equivalent of a "psy-ops"
      campaign on the human species. It's doubtful their ultimate goal
      is anything so quaint (or comprehensible) as transgenic
      offspring, but neither is it necessarily malign. Simply, our
      "visitors" appear to be striving to become adept at accessing
      our reality, in effect becoming "more real" and thus
      increasingly compatible with us.”

      While I tend to agree with this basic sentiment it’s not so
      apparent(to the Odd Emperor anyway) that the visitors are necessarily
      benign.It would seem that they want something and that it involves
      some non-verbal communication. (Any communication I’m
      aware ofsmacks of the witness’s words or imagination.)

      Since there in nether an overt attempt to communicate nor is there a
      real attemp to observe without detection, it becomes apparent
      that the visitors are perusing some agenda only known to themselves
      and not necessarily in humanities best interests.

      Of course this line of argument instantly becomes moot if the entire
      thing is some kind of internal sociological phenomena, as the evidence
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