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40th Annual Conference on Anomalous Phenomena

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  • saucer_attack
    40th Annual Conference on Anomalous Phenomena THE INTERNATIONAL FORTEAN ORGANIZATION (INFO) presents “INTO THE DEEP” FortNite 05! American Visionary
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2005
      40th Annual Conference on Anomalous Phenomena
      presents “INTO THE DEEP”
      FortNite '05!
      American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM), Baltimore, MD,
      March 19, 2005!

      Carlyle Hotel in Roland Park, Baltimore, March 20,

      6:00 PM

      J. P. O’Neill, author of The Great New England Sea
      Serpent: An Account of Unknown Creatures Sighted by
      Many Responsible Persons Between 1638 and the Present
      Day with fabulous “Fish Stories from the Cryptozoo.”

      William Sullivan, Ph.d,
      ethnoastronomer/archaeoastronomer, acclaimed author of
      The Secret of the Incas: Myth, Astronomy and the War
      Against Time and Consultant in Astronomy and
      Mythology to the Human Journey Project of the Center
      for the World Mythology (St. Paul, MN) with an amazing
      discussion and slides on “The Invisible Pyramid of

      John Michell, philosopher, the world's preeminent
      scholar on the sacred mysteries and powers of the
      Living Universe & the renowned Fortean author
      (Eccentric Lives & Peculiar Notions, City of
      Revelation, Ancient Metrology, Dimensions of Paradise,
      View Over Atlantis, Twelve Tribe Nations And The
      Science of Enchanting The Landscape and more) with a
      not-to-be-missed illustrated talk, "Crop Circles:
      Bearers of Knowledge". A must.

      Phyllis Benjamin, journalist/artist/poet, President
      of the International Fortean Organization (INFO) and
      Chair of over twenty years of FortFest and FortNite
      Conferences on “I think, therefore I had breakfast”, a
      short discussion of America’s Twentieth Century
      Outsider Philosopher and Father of the Study of
      Anomalistics, Charles Fort.

      Doug Skinner, Fortean writer/artist/ Off-Broadway
      (with Bill Irwin) performer extraordinaire on "The
      Amazing Stories of Richard Shaver". Skinner continues
      his research into the strange and moving career of
      Richard Shaver, whose tales of underground caverns,
      and the rock books of the sea people (who may have
      been from Atlantis) convinced thousands of readers in
      the '40s and '50s.

      Phyllis Galde, Editor of Fate Magazine and Publisher
      of Galde Press, will invite the audience to jump off
      the deep end with tales of “Ghastly Ghosts of the
      Sea: Watery Graves, Haunted Ships and Strange

      Antonio Huneeus, Chilian science journalist on “Aqua
      UFO: astounding reports, worldwide, on Unidentified
      Submarine Objects (USOs) including Shag Harbour, Nova
      Scotia, the mother of all underwater anomalies”.

      Fort is in the Details: Optional Buffet Luncheon on
      the waterfront at the Rusty Scupper
      Sale of Books,Tapes and Periodicals!***Informal
      Friday Night, March 18 Social. On Saturday join the
      Forteans for an unbelieveable “All-Night-Into-The-Deep
      Bash” at the Carlyle Hotel! Transportation between
      AVAM and the Carlyle will be available for
      out-of-towners. Sat. Includes FREE PASS ($11 value)
      TO AVAM’s new show “Liquid Universe”!

      SUNDAY SEMINARS at the CARLYLE: 10 A.M.-3:00 P.M.
      Doug Rogers, of MUFON, "The Dilemma of Forbidden
      Knowledge vs the Status Quo regarding UFOs".
      Sarah Estep, Founder of the American Association of
      Electronic Voice Phenomena (AAEVP), author of “Roads
      to Eternity” with electronic voice phenomena tapes and
      stories from Spirit and Space. Bring a tape recorder
      if you want to tape voices from Beyond during the
      lunch break.
      Phyllis Galde, “The Most Haunting Stories” from the
      files of Fate Magazine, a nostalgic, ghostly slide
      Tom Howell, Filmmaker and Psychic Investigator on
      "Psychokinesis Research in the States and Abroad:
      Energy Fields of Life”.
      *Reservations essential!
      Registration Form
      ( ) Saturday Lecture Program, $75 before March
      10, $85 after.
      includes Lectures, Book Sale, Ticket to
      AVAM plus socials!

      ( ) Saturday Optional Buffet Lunch at the Rusty
      Scupper, $15
      Deli plus salads, desserts, drinks, tax, tip.
      Pre-Pay by March 04!
      ( ) Saturday Optional Parking Pass, $10 All Day at
      the Rusty Scupper
      located across the street from the Museum. Pre-Pay
      by March 04!
      ( ) Saturday Van Option: $10 transportation
      available from Carlyle Hotel
      to AVAM and return for those staying at hotel.
      Pre-pay by March 04!

      ( ) Saturday Lecture Program Full-Time Student rate,
      $35 with valid ID!

      ( ) Sunday Seminar at the Carlyle, $35 before March
      10, $45 after.

      ( ) FORTNITE COMBO-MAMBO, $99 before March 10, $125
      Includes Saturday Lectures and Saturday Ticket to
      AVAM’s new show
      “Liquid Universe” plus Sunday Seminars and Socials
      (does not include optionals such as meal,
      parking, van shuttle).


      $99, Queen or King Kitchenette accommodations, or
      Family Double Suite (sleeps up to 6) for $119
      available for Friday,Saturday, and Sunday night from
      The Carlyle Quality Inn & Suites, 500 W. University
      Parkway, Baltimore, MD 21210. For directions to the
      hotel call (410)889-4500 or log on to
      For room reservations only call (410)261-2370,
      Mon.-Fri. in the morning. Ask for the "FortNite 2005
      Group Rate" from Chris in the Sales Office. Valet
      Parking for Carlyle Hotel available for $10 a day or
      free on-street.
      Try SouthWest Airlines or TranAir for low rates from
      the Northeast, Florida, LAX,SFO or Chicago and USAIR
      for reasonable weekend fares. Buses and Amtrak offer
      reasonable rates from the Northeast to Baltimore.
      Hotel is a short cab ride from either the Baltimore
      Amtrak or Bus Station. SHUTTLES available from BWI

      ( ) Sorry, I cannot attend. Please accept my
      tax-deductible contribution towards your work.

      E-mail questions? Contact us at fortfest99@...
      or call INFO at (304)876-0932. See our website for
      past conferences at www.forteans.com
      Make all checks payable to INFO and return to FortFest
      Chair, P.O. Box 50088, Baltimore, MD 21211.

      Name: Phone:



      The International Fortean Organization (INFO) is a
      non-profit, educational corporation a 501.c.3,
      donations are tax-deductible!
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