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Mexico UFOs: The Official Debunking has begun...

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  • Ruby Honey
    ... = ing articles by UFO and paranormal researcher Scott Corrales.The official debunking has begun:Mexico Coverup Begins! UFOs Were Weather Balloons
    Message 1 of 1 , May 15, 2004
      --- In Bash_The_Skeptoids@yahoogroups.com, "Ruby Honey"
      <rubyhoney97402@y...> wrote:
      Over on Rense.com you can find a lot of links to the UFOs in Mexico, includ=
      articles by UFO and paranormal researcher Scott Corrales.

      The official debunking has begun:

      Mexico Coverup Begins!
      UFOs Were 'Weather Balloons'

      Then they said the UFOs were possibly gas:

      Not satisfied, they suggested the UFOs were ball lightning:

      Santiago Yturria is a UFO researcher, here's a bit from his letter to the
      Rense.com site:

      "However, the attempts to descredit and minimize the potential of this case=

      by the skeptics and debunkers are clearly going to increase now. We have

      be alert to repel these naive theories and debunking statements from those =


      people who still can't accept the fact that the Secretary of Defense in Mex=
      has come forward, opening this case to all the people, and giving Mexican
      UFO research the official recognition and support it deserves in this
      investigation. "
      "The few attempts to debunk this story at this time have been, so far, very=

      weak and mediocre (laughable -ed) by the skeptics and quickly disqualified =
      the UFO community. "


      And, another "explanation" of the UFOs, in 'Scientist Dismiss Campeche
      UFOs As Possible Meteorite Fragments "

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