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Re: How to expose a debunker "hive" for what they are really are!

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  • Ruby Honey
    Thanks robert for posting this. It s sort of like a troll forum. That s what a lot of bunkheads do; get onto pro paranormal lists, forums, etc. and cause all
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 26, 2002
      Thanks robert for posting this. It's sort of like a troll forum. That's what a lot of bunkheads do; get onto "pro"
      paranormal lists, forums, etc. and cause all kinds of trouble. When I was moderator here, it happened; it's happened
      over at DD Zen Thing on Delphi, and DD Two, which I had to close because of the troll headed bunkheads.

      These pseudo - skeptics, debunkers, come into fortean type forums and instead of engaging in authentic exchange
      and discussion of the paranormal, UFOs, etc. they just push their own agenda, throwing their debunking weight
      around. Then o f course, they complain when you tell 'em to knock it off, because you're being, of course, simply
      ignorant, fuzzy headed, and all the rest of the standard debunking phrases. They also see themselves as doing a
      great service unto humankind. They are trying to educate all us poor, deluded, attention seeking "true believers," as
      well as help us along in our little forums, because after all, without the likes of them, it'll all just be "preaching to the
      choir." Aren't these skepti-bunkers cute when they get all smug and snooty like? LOL.

      When you don't swallow that load of bile, they then get angry and really go for it, insult you, never ever apologize --
      including when you can PROVE it to their face they did indeed say something -- get really downright nasty. When you
      point out that sorry, they are indeed, at the very least if not outright trolls, certainly "trollish," and use the example of
      how you wouldn't go into a religious or a political forum, say, and start arguing like mad, attacking people's
      intelligence, they ignore you. That's another of their tactics. They simply ignore the points they want to, are extremely
      stubborn, and highly tenacious. They're like terriers in need of Prozac.

      Oh no, though, they aren't TROLLS or anything though.

      Then you finally get fed up and kick them off, and they quickly complain to each other on all the skeptic boards, come
      back in in your forum under a different name, and it starts all over again.

      And all this because you believe in ghosts, or the possibility Bigfoot exists. My, what power we must have!

      ~ ruby

      --- In debunkingdebunkers@y..., jimineysasquatch <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > Hello,
      > Has anybody else noticed the activities of skeptic "debunkers" on
      > usenet getting even more desperate with each passing day?
      > I encourage you all to check out alt.alien.visitors and
      > alt.alien.research, and tell one of our sockpuppeting friends what you
      > think of their cowardice and dishonesty.
      > Here are some links which expose just how this particular group of
      > skeptics seeks to dominate and skew the content of the relevant usenet
      > groups in order to fill them with so much offensive content as to
      > render them unreadable.
      > As a note... The "Roberta" individual to whom they are referring is
      > actually "Robert Wolfe", a person whom they have concentrated their
      > harrasment on for over a year in those groups. 11 of the debunkers
      > resorted to creating a yahoo group specifically to discuss the
      > "spinning" of certain events, the creation of false identities,
      > retaliation at "troublesome" posters by contacting their workplaces,
      > creation of libelous/slanderous websites, and much more.
      > Robert has been kind enough to provide the following archives and
      > Google references as a public service to perhaps educate others to the
      > reality of coordinated usenet group takeovers and pandering of
      > disinformation.
      > On to the nitty gritty...
      > http://www.genetics.pitt.edu/~rob/aar_skeptics/message/495.html
      > "Try to think of a way to trap Hey_Yo into revealing his true
      > identity. Try to think up some obscure references to past
      > arguments with Roberta we can include in responses to
      > Hey_Yo. If he runs with any of them we'll know."
      > Michael "Orca" Davis, mdavis19@i...
      > "It's a long trip to Pluto. Isn't it about time we got started?"
      > - Shit, the sooner the better. Bon Voyage.
      > http://www.genetics.pitt.edu/~rob/aar_skeptics/message/285.html
      > - Carl complains to my ISP, like a good kook.
      > http://www.genetics.pitt.edu/~rob/aar_skeptics/message/274.html
      > "Well John, it looks like you were right about Arctic Wolf being
      > another one of Robert Wolfe's sock puppets."
      > http://groups.google.com/groups?selm=u8ool9retqmr44%40news.supernews.com&output=gplain
      > - "Joe W." comes out of the sock drawer.
      > http://www.genetics.pitt.edu/~rob/aar_skeptics/message/190.html
      > "I think it's time we had a Robert Wolfe page on kook-watch.net, don't
      > you? That ought to really piss him off. ;-)" - Carl on "intent"
      > Commander Carl Plans a New Agenda!
      > http://www.genetics.pitt.edu/~rob/aar_skeptics/message/13.html
      > "I think we'll have to employ a sock puppet for this one unless you
      > know of an infrequent poster that would be willing to play along. I do
      > have access to a news server that I don't use. It's **my ISP's news
      > server** and it pretty much sucks, but it should suffice for these
      > purposes. Whoever wants to play the part could email the messages here
      > and I could pump them out to the newsgroups." - Carl Wilson
      > Socks come out of "retirement"!
      > http://www.genetics.pitt.edu/~rob/aar_skeptics/message/11.html
      > "Hmmm... Do I hear Mary Jo coming out of retirement?"
      > "Ok- we need a message from a sock puppet: Lemme sleep on it.
      > I may have some ideas in the AM."
      > - Bruce Hutchinson... bhutch@c..., bhutch@c..., Mary
      > Jo Willy <wonderwoman@i...>, bhutch666@g...),
      > bhutch@g..., Y@Y.Y, ?????
      > Brucie hits on himself?
      > http://groups.google.com/groups?q=%22bruce+hutchinson%22+sock+puppet&hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&safe=off&selm=34b6eb34.36643740%40news.cris.com&rnum=14
      > "Hmmm, so Mary Jo is on the same (at)tack as Earl?
      > I don't care- she's still the funniest sock puppet to hit sci.skeptic
      > in a
      > long time."
      > Sock Puppets in action... Commander Carl Takes Charge!
      > http://www.genetics.pitt.edu/~rob/aar_skeptics/message/126.html
      > http://groups.google.com/groups?as_q=EAC&safe=off&ie=ISO-8859-1&as_ugroup=alt.alien.visitors&lr=&as_drrb=b&as_mind=24&as_minm=3&as_miny=2002&as_maxd=31&as_maxm=3&as_maxy=2002&num=100&hl=en
      > *EVEN MORE* Sockpuppet Comandeering by Carl Wilson!
      > http://www.genetics.pitt.edu/~rob/aar_skeptics/message/8.html
      > "Now that idea might just do the trick. Which one of us do you think
      > should play the part of the Gubbint Disinfo Agent?" - Carl Wilson
      > Shelly... er.. Carl.. er..
      > http://www.genetics.pitt.edu/~rob/aar_skeptics/message/14.html
      > "I think Spaz is getting interested in the sock puppet I'm
      > developing!"
      > http://www.genetics.pitt.edu/~rob/aar_skeptics/message/22.html
      > "The sock puppet "shelly_j50" is going to post "her abduction" story
      > tomorrow."
      > Carl gets compliments on his Ben Hogan Sock...
      > http://www.genetics.pitt.edu/~rob/aar_skeptics/message/32.html
      > "P.S. I just love your Hogan "spoofing." Especially the
      > e-mail address." - Ugly Bob
      > Carl Wilson, carl_e_wilson@y..., carl@k...,
      > carl_w@s..., joe73505@h..., c_w@l...,
      > shelly_j50@h..., Ben Hogan (bearhunterman@h...),
      > carl_w@p..., "Paul W.", "Joe W.", ?????
      > http://www.genetics.pitt.edu/~rob/aar_skeptics/message/279.html
      > "What possibilities do you see for spinning this into a Kookfroth
      > about how I've been 'disappeared' by the nefarious 'Black Ops' people,
      > or have been called in for high-level Konspiracy Konferences in order
      > to determine policy for stemming the tide of TRVTH on the Internet?"
      > http://www.genetics.pitt.edu/~rob/aar_skeptics/message/8.html
      > "How's about intimating that one of us has been meeting with others
      > around the nation, apparently with some sort of mysterious 'backing'
      > that seems to be from sources unknown. Pepper that person's infrequent
      > responses with intimations of knowledge of the 'system' that would be
      > far beyond what could be expected of anyone other than a Gubbint
      > Disinfo Agent."
      > http://www.genetics.pitt.edu/~rob/aar_skeptics/message/8.html
      > "Finally got around to sending my first message to the group.
      > Thanks to Carl Wilson for starting it."
      > http://www.genetics.pitt.edu/~rob/aar_skeptics/message/9.html
      > "I personally prefer the second option of creating a sock puppet for
      > the purpose; we can take turns answering, or confer with each other
      > prior to answering."
      > John "Diamondmaster1" Lewis, 10breakalpha@e...,
      > jrlewis@c..., diamondguy@m...,
      > 10breakalpha@h...
      > ...drrdane@y..., ?????
      > http://groups.google.com/groups?q=%22reston+dane%22&hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&safe=off&selm=vtmaoug1llq0alvo0bkos6ise2957ep91d%404ax.com&rnum=4
      > http://www.genetics.pitt.edu/~rob/aar_skeptics/message/593f37e.html
      > AKA, "Stammering Radio Show Caller"
      > http://www.contactradio.info/archives/Dr._Steven_Greer.wma
      > "HTML isn't code, dipshit.
      > It's just tags and text." - Pete Charest
      > http://alcor.concordia.ca/~ra_forti/
      > "And A Special Kook Welcome To Roberta The Mop Jockey Who has
      > **deversified** into stalking people..." - Robert "Splelling Bea
      > Champione" ASF
      > http://alcor.concordia.ca/~ra_forti/mat.txt
      > "Matter of self assurance and self respect. I can respect your
      > opinion without compromising my own. Also we do not need to labour the
      > point until one of us is so frustrated that we throw up our hands and
      > try
      > to attack the other in that frustration. Finally, the maturity to not
      > identify with what we post as ourselves. We are not the sum total of
      > debates on usenet. The lack of ego or egotism, allows for
      > disagreements to
      > be handled rationally and logically. It also allows us to give the
      > other
      > person's views a measure of respect. As in often times, we will say,
      > you
      > have a point or you are correct." - Robert ASF.
      > http://alcor.concordia.ca/~ra_forti/SKL.txt
      > "The writer of such a list is usually someone who is very bitter
      > and angry at others to the point that they wish to attack them. This
      > sort
      > of cowardly attack is usually done by people who cannot by lack or
      > reason,
      > maturity or intelligence defend or attack arguments using standard and
      > normal discourse. Such a lack result's in their bitterness and
      > resentment
      > of the offending people. Typical of a school yard bully, it has no
      > place
      > in adult society. Or at least if should have no place." - Robert ASF
      > on "Kook Lists"
      > http://www.genetics.pitt.edu/~rob/aar_skeptics/message/123.html
      > Robert ASF *in* a "Kook List"
      > Enjoy!
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