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Re: [Debunking Debunkers] Re: Skeptics need to get some updated material

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  • sunryse@alltel.net
    This is like on another list, we were discussing the exact science of math. Take this math problem: Three business men were staying in a hotel. The clerk
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 4, 2002
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      "-I think  these debunkers need new material."

      Of course they do, but they have a problem...they place their faith in
      "Science," as it is known at the time.  And that pretty much means
      sticking with old, hackneyed material, for established science tends
      to cough up new ideas only when its elders croak, which means things
      move pretty slowly.  I remember reading an incident that occurred in
      France in the late 18th century.  What I'll describe was attributed to
      the famous chemist Lavoisier, though I later read that it may have
      been someone else...no matter, the story remains the same.  A group of
      French peasants said that stones had fallen from the sky.  They had
      produced luminous trails as they fell.  And, after being located on
      the ground, were warm to the touch.  Lavoisier was sent by the French
      scientific academy to investigate.  He believed the peasants were
      being truthful in their accounts, but...he concluded that these stones
      had not fallen from the sky, but had been struck by lightning.  That
      accounted for the crashing explosion the peasants had heard and the
      luminous trails.  That's why the stones were warm. And finally, the
      eminent chemist stated that they couldn't have fallen from the sky,
      because, "Stones do not fall from the sky." Seems logical...heh, heh...  

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