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Re: Mel's hole

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  • unknown_windowflavor
    Oh lordy, I could never tell the story to the same effect of Mel. Mel sounded sincerely upset throughout the whole show but you never understood until the end.
    Message 1 of 4419 , Feb 2, 2002
      Oh lordy, I could never tell the story to the
      same effect of Mel. Mel sounded sincerely upset
      throughout the whole show but you never understood until the
      end. Some people wonder why he didn't keep some of the
      weird stuf from the hole experiments for proof of his
      story. If I experienced what he experienced at the end
      of the story I would have thrown everything down the
      hole, as he did.<br><br>Well, His original property is
      still under government control and his land doesn't
      appear on the public satellite maps
      anymore.(terraserver)<br><br>Indian friends reveal to him new holes. Holes similar to
      original but lined with a mysterious metal that makes no
      sound when struck. It has heat around it but doesn't
      radiate heat itself. 1 out of 3 times he can recreate an
      experiment using the hole where he can create ice that never
      melts and has similar heat properties as the metal. A
      friend of his uses a bucket of the hot ice to warm his
      house. The hole is in Nevada and Native americans( the
      bask?) say that these hole emit darkness like a
      flashlight emits light. He fearfully tells about how they
      put a stunned sheep in the hole. The sheep screamed
      as it neared the hole. The sheep is in a crate.
      Sheep fights in crate but makes no more sound when in
      hole. At the end of the line the sheep makes no more
      movement. The sheep is broguht back dead. The Bask dissect
      and the flesh is like it's cooked but it's coat is
      unscathed and unscorched. Where the organs should be is a
      tumor like growth and goo that smells of ozone. The
      tumor pulsates. They open it and find a living fetus
      that looks like a seal with *human eyes*. What fetus
      dooesn't? The next stuff happens in a span of hours i
      think. Mel feels the the thing is intelligent as it
      scans and studies them with it's 'human' eyes. He
      actually touches it cause he feels it wants to be on the
      ground. Mel feels overwhelming compassion, yadda yadda,
      miraculous experience, he puts it on the metal rim of the
      hole as he thinks it wants that. The thing looks down
      the hole and Mel feels that the thing knows he
      belongs in the hole. The thing crawls and falls down the
      hole. Mel tells wise indian man and wise man looks like
      he expected such a story. Wiseman gives mel a dime
      and says he found it in a red chinese letter near the
      hole. Tribe claims that the hole has been there since
      the tribe immigrated there back in the 1800's. How
      could humans have built such a metal structure so deep
      in the hole in the 1800s? Mel found the same kind of
      dime back at his old hole. He used to decorate belts
      with the dimes he found at the old hole. Someone stole
      his belt some time ago and he never knew why because
      it's cheap but sentimental. some time ago his friend
      and him took the dime to coin collectors because they
      didn't recognize certain aspects of the dime. The
      collectors were blown away because they know nothing of
      dimes like the ones Mel had. The dime is ,I thinK, a
      1943 Roosevelt dime made someplace signifid with the
      letter B. If the information is correct Supposedly these
      dimes shouldn't exist. Nice romantic sci-fi but the way
      he told it really killed me. I have never heard
      anybody tell a story like Mel has. There were times where
      I could hear signals and patterns where he might
      have been trying to make the story up on the spot but
      his voice was very much a part of the story to the
      very least. He sounded like he was gonna break down in
      tear at some points and you didn't know why until he
      fii=nished the story. Oh yeah, supposedly he doesn't have
      cancer anymore when he was supposed to die in 6 months
      from it. <br><br>The government can drill there own
      hole, why the hell do they want Mel's hole. Unless this
      hole can turn sheep into seals with human eyes. Can
      you imagine how profitable seals could be with baby
      blues? Or maybe the seals could be trained for the
      airforce assuming their human eyes aren't color blind.
    • fengshuip
      James it is the response of the skeptics to Vaughan, nothing less nothing more. Paulo ... internt forum messages I ve come across. ...
      Message 4419 of 4419 , May 16, 2006
        it is the response of the skeptics to Vaughan, nothing less nothing


        --- In debunkingdebunkers@yahoogroups.com, James Dawson
        <jamesndawson@...> wrote:
        > Paulo:
        > This is one of the most tangled, confusing, out-of-context
        internt forum messages I've come across.
        > I have no idea what you're point is.
        > Perhaps you don't care. But I thought I'd say so anyway.
        > James N. Dawson
        > fengshuip <woodwater1000@...> wrote:
        > --- In debunkingdebunkers@yahoogroups.com, predawnflyer wrote:
        > >
        > > 'Debunking the Debunkers: Lessons to Be
        > > Learned'<br><br>Another article, this one by Valerie Vaughan,
        > published
        > > in The Mountain Astrologer (Aug/Sept 1998). This
        > > Vaughan article seems unrelated to to the David Lewis
        > > article in Atlantis Rising (in the Links section). Below
        > > are two links; #1 is a copy of the original Vaughn
        > > article; #2 is a followup article by
        > > Vaughan.<br><br><a
        > target=new>http://www.onereed.com/articles/debunk.html</a><br><a
        > href=http://www.onereed.com/articles/rebunk.html
        > >
        > Hi
        > You should read their response to her in Ā«rebunking the debunkersĀ»
        > www.astrology-and-science.com
        > paulo
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