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6291Re: [Debunking Debunkers] Re: Crop Circles---Has Anyone Done the Math?

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  • John Beatty
    Dec 18, 2007
      Actually what it is is convenient.  Saying "the Army" secured a given area puts a patina of authenticity to a claim that can be plausible any way the claim works, and becomes irrefutable when there is no record of "the Army" ever doing any such thing.  If there really is no evidence, a "cover-up" can be claimed.  If the evidence is ever  iron-clad bullet-proof and undeniable, then "the Army" gets the credit for it.  But since there are few military organizations that can keep anything secret for long, this kind of a claim is mostly made by persons who never wore the uniform.
      Since there has been, as OE states, no irrefutable evidence of the extraterrestrial origins of crop circles a "cover-up" can be claimed.  Since, further, there have been several demonstrations of just how these displays are made that the ET-wanters can simply dismiss as either lying or deluded, we can also state that these objects are of uncertain origin when we deny that there is or even can be any evidence to the contrary.
      For those who see ancient (and contemporary) astronauts in large ground designs such as Nazca, perhaps they can also guide us in understanding why so many Medival cathedrals were made in the sign of a cross that can only be seen from altitude centuries before man first took flight.  Were the faithful trying to send messages of welcome that only God could see?  Or perhaps they were looking for ancient Christians from Mars?
      Either way, you believe what you want to believe, and evidence can do nothing to refute  faith.  It's trying to teach pigs to sing:  They may fool the stone deaf, but the pig just won't join the choir.
      John D. Beatty, Milwaukee Wisconsin
      "History is the only test for the consequences of ideas"

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      Subject: [Debunking Debunkers] Re: Crop Circles---Has Anyone Done the Math?

      I think this is only true if you go into the issue with your mind
      already made up. If you already believe that some strange force
      creates crop circles than it becomes easy to manufacture evidence.

      Was it possible that Colin or someone in "the Army" might have
      circumvented the test? Security is only as good as the people setting
      it. "Some guys from the Army" doesn't sound too reliable to me.


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      > HI
      > Actually there is one very good recorded case I can think off the top
      > of my head; by Colin Andrews where himself and the army setup cameras
      > etc...a crop
      circle appeared right next to the field where they were
      > situated and no human could have possibly done that as the area was
      > secured.
      > Go to www.cropcircles. org they make many of them but didnt make the
      > ones seen here in Tully etc..in the 60's in Australia.
      > Again that's not entirely correct, we can distinguish between man-made
      > and others, soil samples prove there is an anomaly not connected to
      > any human fakery.
      > <oddempire@> wrote:
      > >
      > > > I'm sure you'll have you're usual flippant and unconvincing pseudo-
      > > > rational response, O.E., so by all means go ahead demonstrate your
      > self-
      > > > perceived cleverness.
      > > >
      > > >
      > >
      > > OK, I'll bite.. here's some self perceived cleverness (at least you
      > > got one thing
      > >
      > > 1) We cannot rule out that humans are capable of making any crop
      > > circle no matter how complex. It's impossible to prove otherwise.
      > >
      > > 2) There is not a single case where even a scrap of evidence
      > > suggesting that some non human entity made even one crop circle.
      > > Please tell me how I'm wrong about this by citing a specific
      > > instance(s) where any evidence exists suggesting non-terrestrial
      > > origins of a crop circle. Heck, here's an easier one, find some
      > > compelling evidence of any visit by extraterrestrials to the Earth.
      > >
      > >
      > > Additionally, I've never been involved with crop circle making but I
      > > and several of my friends did create a 2/3 scale replica of the
      > > Uffington horse figure. This project took about eight hours total
      > > times about 10 people.
      > > Image of original here
      > > http://wiltshirewhi tehorses. org.uk/images/ uffaerial. jpg
      > >
      > > I have a photo of the one we created somewhere, if I find it I'll post
      > > it in the photos section.
      > >
      > > The Odd Emperor
      > >

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