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6289Re: Crop Circles---Has Anyone Done the Math?

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  • ausiepath9
    Dec 17, 2007
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      Actually there is one very good recorded case I can think off the top
      of my head; by Colin Andrews where himself and the army setup cameras
      etc...a crop circle appeared right next to the field where they were
      situated and no human could have possibly done that as the area was

      Go to www.cropcircles.org they make many of them but didnt make the
      ones seen here in Tully etc..in the 60's in Australia.
      Again that's not entirely correct, we can distinguish between man-made
      and others, soil samples prove there is an anomaly not connected to
      any human fakery.

      <oddempire@...> wrote:
      > > I'm sure you'll have you're usual flippant and unconvincing pseudo-
      > > rational response, O.E., so by all means go ahead demonstrate your
      > > perceived cleverness.
      > >
      > >
      > OK, I'll bite.. here's some self perceived cleverness (at least you
      > got one thing right.)
      > 1) We cannot rule out that humans are capable of making any crop
      > circle no matter how complex. It's impossible to prove otherwise.
      > 2) There is not a single case where even a scrap of evidence
      > suggesting that some non human entity made even one crop circle.
      > Please tell me how I'm wrong about this by citing a specific
      > instance(s) where any evidence exists suggesting non-terrestrial
      > origins of a crop circle. Heck, here's an easier one, find some
      > compelling evidence of any visit by extraterrestrials to the Earth.
      > Additionally, I've never been involved with crop circle making but I
      > and several of my friends did create a 2/3 scale replica of the
      > Uffington horse figure. This project took about eight hours total
      > times about 10 people.
      > Image of original here
      > http://wiltshirewhitehorses.org.uk/images/uffaerial.jpg
      > I have a photo of the one we created somewhere, if I find it I'll post
      > it in the photos section.
      > The Odd Emperor
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