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6282Re: [Debunking Debunkers] Crop Circles---Has Anyone Done the Math?

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  • John Beatty
    Jun 22, 2006
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      >After ALL these years of hoaxing, WOULDN'T as a
      mere matter of odds, AT LEAST ONE HOAXER OR GROUP
      THEREOF, have been caught in the act by a farmer or
      some other person, or in the case of the extremely
      large and complex circles, failed to finish them by
      sun up?

      Have been. News crews have been summoned. Broadcasts
      are frequently made of hoaxers, their tools, and their

      >and correct me if I'm wrong) NO U N F I S H E D
      circles, not to mention one single human error or
      terragraphic "typo" if you will,

      What would you compare it against? How do you know
      that ALL crop circles aren't unfinished, since we have
      no idea what the "visitors" may be trying to say or do
      with them?

      >I'm sure you'll have you're usual flippant and
      unconvincing pseudo-rational response, O.E., so by all
      means go ahead demonstrate your self-perceived

      By this you mean any response that you don't agree

      >But seriously, I've often wondered if anyone's ever
      "done the math" and actually calculated, even if only
      roughly, how many man-hours one of these (quite
      beautiful) "monsters" must have required to create,
      and whether they actually COULD have been done in the
      space of a night.

      Maybe not. But without continuous active surveilance
      of every inch of the Earth's surface, it is impossible
      to know how long some of them took.

      >Any comments, anybody. Serious and thoughtful ones

      By this you mean those that argree with you. Sorry to

      John D. Beatty, Milwaukee Wisconsin
      "History is the only test for the consequences of ideas"

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