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6269Hopkins vs Clancy

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  • odd_empire
    Dec 21, 2005
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      It's so strange to me when a non-scientist starts bashing the
      scientific community. Specifically, UFO abduction guru Bud Hopkins on
      this recent teapot tempest regarding Susan Clancy. He wrote a 3000+
      word essay which can be found at

      Hopkins is not happy with the direction the study took, its
      participants, the methodology or the people conducting the study.
      Bud's unhappy because (presumably) he's the head cheese in the alien
      abduction business and no snot nosed collage edgumacated
      psychohologest type person has any right to horn into HIS henhouse.
      That's what I get from reading him anyway. I mean, what's not to
      understand? Hopkins's been doing the UFO abduction 'thang for years
      now. He has a popular following and we all know that it's numbers not
      truth that's important. If we all scunch up our eye and believe real hard!

      More http://oddempire.org/weblog/?p=112
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