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6268Re: [Debunking Debunkers] Re: South African Source

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  • John Beatty
    Dec 17, 2005
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      >Wessel was a police detective before he was injured
      on the job and retired on disability. He knows how to
      do detective work and has contacts in the South
      African military, security agencies, and in key
      positions in South African companies that do
      classified work.

      Which ones?

      >Also his father had retired from the South African
      miltary and some of his friends had told Wessel what
      they knew about alien and UFO encounters during their
      service time, after they too had retired.

      Lots of retirees working on this kind of thing, most
      of whom were predisposed to indulge in their

      Any ideas as to why your supposed aliens would bother
      with South Africa?

      > Wessel had taken a photo himself of a UFO hovering
      over the hills north of Johannesburg.

      I had a ride in a UFO once, long long ago. But at
      that age I didn't know if the aircraft was a 707 or a
      DC-8. However, that is an unidentified flying object,
      or UFO, as is the supposed object your supposed source
      has pictures of. That does not make it a space alien.

      So the answer to Question 1 is Yes, therefore was
      predisposed to WANT to believe what cannot be

      And the answer to Question 2 is....you talk to a lot
      of others who believe the same thing? Not exactly
      "research," is it?

      Come on. Deliver the alien carcass. Give us
      something we can really work on.

      Until then you are a waste of time.

      John D. Beatty, Milwaukee Wisconsin
      "History is the only test for the consequences of ideas"

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