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  • Ruby Honey
    Feb 1, 2003
      Remember a few months ago, the 4 soldiers who were in Afghanastan, and they came back, beat up their wives, and one (or two?) killed their wives? Back then I wondered on a few forums if it wasn't because of side effects, or the combination of, various vaccines given to soldiers. (Of course, on most boards I was called "paranoid" etc.)

      I read in today's local paper (Oregon) that 3 soldiers, who served over in Afghanastan, attacked a motel owner who they thought was Arab. Turned out he was from India. Then one of the soldiers killed himself. The soldeirs said they were on a "mission to protect Oregon and America from terrorism" (something like that.)

      Right then it came to me in a flash -- it is obvious (to me, my opinion) that these soldiers are being given something to enhance aggressiveness, fearlessness, and extreme violence. My thoughts are it's intentional, and no mere "side effect' but something very specific.

      What do you think?

      ~ ruby

      Are Crop Circles the work of cereal killers?

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